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Creativity: the Image of God

The first thing we know about God is that, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1.1). Just a few paragraphs later we learn that we are made in the image of God. We were created to be creative! CreativeHearts Academy seeks to help us achieve our God-inspired creativity!

CreativeHearts is an program that seeks to provide for students a unique way of learning by celebrating the creative life.

CreativeHearts provides classes in areas of the fine arts and academics, as well as classes for parents and adults interested in continued education. While we are not a school, we desire to come alongside parents to be a support through the a la carte classes that we offer.  

CreativeHearts offers a comprehensive fine arts experience for families through Arts Expressions for the Young Child, Arts Encounters for older children, and Arts Enrichment class offerings for adults interested in continuing and expanding their artistic endeavors. 

Classes meet on Mondays and Wednesdays at the facilities of Clairmont Hills Baptist Church.

ARTS EXPRESSIONS for the Younger Child

is designed for young students of ages 5-8. Students will spend 30-45 minute segments on music, visual art, drama, and movement. The classes will cover Medieval/Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern Art eras. Emphasis will be given to exposure, imitation and understanding of the great works of fine arts through the centuries. This class is designed for a two semester program.

ARTS ENCOUNTERS for Older Children

is a collection of classes designed for students 8-11 years old, 11-14 years old,  and 14-18 years old. Students in Arts Encounters are encouraged to take Fine Arts through the Years. Each year this two semester class will cover music, visual arts, drama and movement covering the Medieval/Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic/Impressionists/ and Modern Art eras. Students will then choose fine arts classes in which they are interested in becoming more proficient or simply want to explore.


are classes are offered for adults wanting to enrich their lives through creativity in the arts. Classes offered seek to encourage participants to enjoy the arts while learning new and honing their artistic skills.

CreativeHearts Mission Statement: To train, encourage and inspire creativity in all areas of life.

CreativeHearts Goals and Objectives: To provide academic and fine arts training based on the biblical principle that the Creator God intends for us to be fully educated (Deuteronomy 6). One way this will be accomplished is by offering classes that will provide the student with core knowledge, especially as it pertains to the arts.

CreativeHearts Philosophy: Many of the expressions of the human mind and heart lie in the realm of the arts. Learning to participate in the arts provides a unique way of understanding oneself and the world in which we live. The point of fine arts education is for the student to have the opportunity to express himself or herself creatively and learn from the challenge, the perseverance, and the joy of creating.

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