We have heard you....Below you will see the revised recommendation drafted by the Merger Exploration ​Team.  It was accepted by the Leadership Team to be presented by ballot without discussion to the church for a vote on September 10, 2017.

​Revised Recommendation​

We recommend that BBC and CHBC merge to become a new church with the approval of 75% of voters of each congregation. This includes the following​...​
  • The new church will meet at 1995 Clairmont Rd. Decatur, GA 30033
  • The new church will be led by Paul Millarc and Jim Haskell
  • The new church will be affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention
  • Upon a positive vote from ​both congregation​s​, the New Church Transition Team will coordinate the launch of the new church 
​The Question and Answer document distributed a few weeks ago has also been revised and is available in the Church Office.  The date for the vote has been postponed to September 10th in order to give everyone an opportunity to pray and become familiar with all aspects of the recommendation.​